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WPressr is a fully managed hosting service for WordPress. Our service uses every optimization technique to make your WordPress site the best it can be. Fully managed means you don’t have to hire developers or system admins to run a server. Let our team manage your server, optimizations, security, and updates so you can focus on your site or business.

Every plan includes a free license to All-In-One WordPress migration tool to make switching an existing site to us a breeze.
Let our support team help you with your first migration free of charge after you sign-up by using our customer chat support!

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Simple and transparent pricing


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Every blogger should have

1GB Storage
10,000 visits/mo
WP Rocket?
Standard Themes
Standard Plugins
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What the advanced bloggers really need

3 GB Storage
30,000 visits/mo
Everything in Starter
Premium Plugins?
Premium Themes?
Add-on Sites ($1.49)
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Best for bloggers.

10 GB Storage
100,000 visits/mo
Everything in Premium
Premium Support
Customization Services
Branding Services
Add-on Sites ($.99)
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Referral Program.

Our generous referral program (coming soon) will allow you to get up to $1 per month for each active referral. This can allow you to earn free hosting with us and even earn a recurring monthly income by getting others to join our WPressr community!

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Premium Themes

A single premium theme could cost up to $100 dollars and some require yearly subscriptions. WPressr comes with an assortment of premium themes included with your hosting including the popular Divi, Flatsome, Upfront, and more.

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Selection of most advanced plugins

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Coding service for only $30/hour.

Do you need coding service for your WPressr? We can help you for only 30$/hour.

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