Simple Temporary Cloud Storage Using Telegram

Sometimes I want to save some images or files in a hurry. So to hurry to open or setup Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage app. And sometimes I need to do it when using different gadgets and platforms. For example, when I using my phone, and want to store an image, oops, there is no Dropbox in my phone. And I don’t like it installed in my phone.

So the best way to do it is using Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger has a special contact named as Saved Messages.

We can send almost everything to this contact, like we send something to common contact. And the best things is, we can open them in another Telegram Messenger client. Then download them, or remove them or else. This is how cloud storage works isn’t?

For example if I’m using android phone, I got Telegram Messenger app there, then I send an image to Saved Messages, then I back home, open my Macbook, open my Telegram Messenger client there, then open Saved Messages. Gotcha! I got my image there so I can retouch it, crop using my app in Macbook.

But this storage limited to 1.5GB per user. Read more in here. So use it wisely.

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