Make Your WordPress Post List Page Cleaner

The post list page may be one of most frequently accessed by the wordpress website user. It shows the list of published, scheduled, drafted, and also trashed posts.

But sometimes you’ll found the page kinda messed up like this.

messed up post list page
Messed up post list page

Not pretty cool, isn’t?

It shows the information of your posts and also some informations that come from plugins you have installed. Sure its show some handy information in there.

But, I prefer to see only what I want to see, only important things to see. Clearer view, makes my minded clearer.

So, let’s make the post list page more clear and nice. Click on “Screen Option” button at almost the top right.

Screen Option button
Screen Option button

You will figure it out that those checkboxes that control the view of post list table. The checkboxes represent columns of post list table.

Post list options
Post list options

Uncheck one or more checkboxes, and leave some checkboxes that you want to see it’s information.

Post list view now cleaner

Tadaa. Now the post list view is more clean and nice.

You can also do this in Page List page or Custom Post List page.

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