Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of WPressr compared to other WordPress Hosting?
  • Affordable. Start from $1, you can get premium features worth hundreds of dollars
  • Premium Features. Using WPressr, your website will be equipped with premium features without spending so much money.
  • Premium Themes. Enjoy a bunch of premium wordpress templates for free.
  • Ready the go. Using WPressr service, you don’t need to bother installing and setting up the website from scratch anymore.
What is the cheapest plan?

You can sign up to “Starter” plan,  priced only at $1.00/mo with 3GB disk space. Sign up here.

Is there any free plan?

Of course! You can try our free plan with maximum 20 MB disk space storage. Sign up here.

Which WPressr Hosting package is suitable for my website?

It depends on your needs. If you are about to build blogging website, you can choose “starter” plan. If you are about to build company profile website or online shop website for your small business, then “Premium” plan suits you. If you are about to build high-traffic website such as daily news website, big online shop website, social media website, then you are recommended to choose “Pro” plan.

Does WPressr guarantee my website security system?

With the best security technology that we use, WPressr equipped with hardware and software that is always watching, protecting and being able to detect malware threats or online crimes that attack your website.

Can I transfer my current wordpress website from another hosting provider to WPressr?

Yes our support team will help migrate your website from the old provider to WPressr hosting service. FOR FREE!


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