Funder is a wordpress plugin that allows you to run a fundraising system.

Contributors: @alisalaah @dawud135 @ian.doang
Plugin page:
Tags: donations, fundraising
Require: WordPress 4.0 or greater
Stable tag: 0.8
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:



  • Create donation campaign
  • Support single donation and recurring donation
  • Support monthly donation, targeted donation and all-time donation
  • Payment method: Credit Card and Paypal
  • Donation widget box
  • Donation history widget box
  • Donation progress bar
  • “Donate now” button
  • Multi currencies
  • Protected with re-Captcha
  • Spam blocker
  • Donation image gallery


  • Donation list
  • Donors list
  • Recurring donors list
  • Export donation to XLS and PDF
  • Social media automation


  • After downloading the source or cloning the repo, run composer install to gather PHP dependencies.
  • Move all files to wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to wordpress dashboard, then Plugins page
  • Activate Funder


Create a campaign

  • Go to Funder > New Funder
  • Write down campaign description
  • Go to Campaign Options under the editor and setup the campaign options
  • Setup featured image
  • Save campaign


Funding box widget that shows campaign progress and donation history.


  • “id” (required) : ID of the campaign. Default: blank.
  • “boxid” : ID of the widget box. Default: blank.
  • “primary” : If the are some boxes in campaign page, set this box as primary. Default: “false”.
  • “show_history” : Show donation history. Default: “true”.
  • “gtag_script” : Include Google Tag script. Default: “true”.

[FundingBox id=20 boxid="mainbox"]
[FundingBox id=20 boxid="secondbox" showhistory="false"]


Show big button “Donate Now” in campaign page.


  • “label” : Custom button label. Default: “Donate”.
  • “icon” : Custom CSS classname to set button icon. Default: Default: blank.
  • “boxid” : ID of the widget box. Default: blank.

[DonateNowButton label="Donate Now"]

Version 0.8 (October 16th 2020)

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